I am a designer living in Brooklyn, New York. I love anything to do with design, color and typography. I post things on Design Muse that inspire me and hopefully will inspire others.

I am also available for freelance design projects. View my portfolio.

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These are lovely! Where can I order a set for a party?


It is so pretty. Can you email me name and brand maybe I find it online.


Where can this be purchased?



How much will a pack of ten of these cost and can I get it shipped to India? OR CA?

Deb Behles

Very impressive idea for a tea bag:) Now where can I get some?


I love it!!! it makes me feel like have a cup of tea with honey.


Well I absolutely adore this. Where can I buy them? They are a must have.


I love this !!! is it made of wood or plastic? so cool thank you for sharing!

Ann Ranson

This is absolutely gorgeous! What a unique design! I'd love to know more about where it came from. Thank you for sharing

Kathy Gelbman

This is too cute! Love it for spring :)

Pink Bunny Paw

Super cute ;)

Jan brown

How can I get one???

Erin Gaglione

These are so cool. Are they for sale?

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